Are You Sabotaging Your Financial Future Or Securing It?

Financial Future Many Of Us Don’t Give Our Financial Future Any Thought!

We Go Through Our Daily Motions Like Robots!  Plus We Indirectly Sabotage Our Financial Future In Many Situations!

Stop Being A Slave To Your Day To Day Existence!  Securing Your Financial Future Requires Focus!  Read The Following Five Tips:

1) The Word “No” Is Not A Bad Thing!  How many times do we tell ourselves to say “no” to something, then do it anyway.  Do you recall the discomfort that you felt when it involved a monetary decision that went wrong?  A few years ago I invested $50,000 in a magic show that was being staged throughout Canada.  My initial reaction was to decline the investment.  The tour failed and the money literally went up in smoke.  The impact on my financial future was devastating!  I ended up with a debt that took me seven years to pay off!  Learn to say no!

2) Procrastination Will Kill Everything!  If you let this demon rule, be prepared to stay relatively poor all of your life!  Learn how to take action quickly!  Telling yourself I will do something tomorrow that you can do today, is a seriously bad habit.  It will sabotage your financial future at every turn!  Making your monetary decisions promptly is prudent.  This does not mean that you should rush into making them either.  Life is about balance.  Mapping out a time frame to arrive at decision one way or the other is important.  Don’t procrastinate!

3) Stop Keeping Up With Appearances!  Many of us fall into this hole.  We are so influenced by the materialistic aspects of the world that we live in.  We look at how our neighbor lives and try to emulate that individual’s style.  All that does, is lure us into purchasing things that we don’t need.  This actually ties into the next point that has to do with our emotional connection to money.  I sometimes think that we should relegate ourselves to living in a third world country.  It would eradicate this unnecessary desire!  Learn how to stop spending money on frivolous things!

4) Emotions Are Fine But Watch Them!  You should remove them altogether from any financial decisions!  The key ones to keep in check are greed and fear.  They always lead to imprudent monetary decisions.  Telling yourself that it is fine to take a holiday when you are having cash flow issues is an example.  Justifying an expensive purchase and placing the cost on your credit card is another.  Ultimately, you must understand your emotional connection to money in order to adjust your reactions to it.  It does not buy happiness!  Budgeting does!

5) You Must Develop Confidence!  The person that you see in the mirror is You!  If you don’t have confidence in that individual, no one else will either!  Using points one through four above I have an offer for you!  First, you can say yes to it instead of no!  It is Free!  Secondly, don’t procrastinate!  Get to it right away!  Thirdly, if you follow through with this, in two to five years you can be the one with the appearance!  Fourthly, you can experience the emotion called “happiness” as much as you want!  You will have plenty of money!

Direct Selling Is The Best Economical Way To Establish A Secure Financial Future But You Need To Have A 7 Figure Thinking Mindset To Create It!  Review The Free 13 Part Program Below To Find Out How To Do This:

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If You Wish To Achieve MLM Success, Be Prepared To Adopt A Solid Strategy!

MLM SuccessMLM Success Starts Out In Your Head!

Many People Never Achieve MLM Success Because Their Approach Is All Wrong!

There Is No Magic Pill For MLM Success!  It Requires Hard Work And A Strategy!  Read The Following Six Guidelines:

1) Choose Your Business Wisely.  The foundation for MLM success begins with six very important features!  Is the company stable?  Is there a strong air of integrity surrounding the organization?  Is the compensation plan well structured?  Are consumers purchasing the products or services?  Is there growing momentum? Does company provide solid support and training?  If the answers to these questions are affirmative, then you are making a good choice!

2) Follow The Structured System.  Success in the network marketing arena is directly hinged on duplication.  One of the first things that you will see in your organization are individuals who are extremely successful.  Ask yourself what have they done to achieve their level of success?  Find this information out and deploy their methods.  Enlist the help of these folk.  Get their support!  In most cases, these individuals are quite keen to help those who demonstrate motivation!

3) Learn How To Be A Leader.  It takes leadership to progress in any business.  In network marketing this revolves around encouraging your new team members.  Simply recruiting individuals and doing nothing afterwards will not contribute to your MLM success.  If you are not prepared to put a degree of time into this aspect of your business, don’t expect positive growth!  This is a big reason why people fail in this industry.

4) Deploy A Business Approach.  Once you join the organization of your choice, you must deploy a business approach.  Treat your venture the same way that you would a traditional business.  In other words, what would you do if you opened a new restaurant?  Research the parameters that come with owning a business.  For example if you live in the United States there are tax benefits that you are entitled to.  Find out what they are and use this information to your advantage!

5) Initially Keep Your Day Job!  This is just plain common sense!  The initial revenue from any MLM will not be anywhere near a salary.  Your strategy should be build your business quietly and monitor the flow and stability of your MLM income.  Your objective should be to build your revenue to a point where you are seeing sustained residual income.  Only then should you quit your day job.  Why would you want to keep it anyway if you are earning $20.000.00+ per month?

6) Use The World Wide Web.  The internet gives you new scope in terms of generating leads for your MLM business.  In fact, this approach is better when you compare it to approaching your warm market.  That is not to say that you should rule your friends and family out.  However, developing your cold market first is more likely to impress your warm market.  Read my article on direct selling and certainly access the Free 13 Part Program below on 7 Figure Thinking!

These Six Tips Will Steer You Towards MLM Success!  However, Developing A 7 Figure Thinking Mindset Is Your Ultimate Goal!  Review This Free 13 Part Program By Clicking The Banner Below:


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You Don’t Have To Be A Good Salesperson To Be Excellent At Direct Selling!

Good SalespersonMany Individuals Think That You Have To Be A Good Salesperson In Order To Be Efficient At Direct Selling!

As A Result They Avoid Direct Selling Opportunities And Don’t Ever Find Out That They Already Have The Characteristics Of A Good Salesperson To Some Degree!

Consider The Following Six Core Sales Aspects And Assess Them In Terms Of Your Character.  I Bet That You Already Possess Some, If Not All, Of The Qualities Associated With The Points Highlighted Below!  In Other Words, You Are Already A Good Salesperson And Will Have No Trouble With Network Marketing!

1) You Sell Something Every Day!  Believe it or not, you are in a sales mode, daily!  Regardless of what you do for income, you continuously convey your characteristics to the people that you come into contact with.  Those characteristics all revolve around your value system.  The people that you encounter either “purchase” that system or not!  So being a good salesperson actually revolves around the inherent qualities that you already have.  You may not think about them but being aware of them and even enhancing them will serve you well!

2) A Key Sales Quality That Is Good.  A good salesperson doesn’t make promises or pressure individuals into buying anything.  People who carry on in that manner don’t build relationships.  They actually end them even before they get started!  Those same negative characteristics won’t help in the traditional job scenario either.  Individuals who conduct themselves in that manner don’t last very long.  In essence, we all need to have positive relationships whether we are in sales or not! Just remember not to exert any undue pressure at any time!

3) Believe In Your Product Or Service!  As far as selling is concerned you need to believe in your product or service.  That starts with believing in yourself!  It doesn’t matter whether you are selling ice to an Eskimo or yourself in the context of a job interview.  You cannot excel at this activity if you have no belief!  Even if the item is mediocre, it does not matter.  People actually purchase YOU!  So when you are choosing a direct selling opportunity to market, assess your initial reaction to it.  Ask yourself if you believe in the product or service.

4) Do You Generally Like People?  If you are not a “people” person you are going to handicap your achievements on all fronts.  This may be the hardest hurdle to get over but it is possible!  You will note that individuals who have gregarious personalities appear to do well in sales.  It certainly is an advantage and you should take a page or two out of their books!   As in anything in life you have the power to change the path that you are on.  If you need to enhance your people skills, get it done.  It won’t hurt you in the long run!

5) Cater To Your Customer First!  Always address your customers needs first!  Even if you do not make a sale!  I was impressed by the actions of a salesperson that could of made a sale but opted not to go through the deal for a few reasons.  As it turned out the particular client that this person was serving did not require the service that he thought he needed.  The salesperson pointed out the reasons why which the customer had no clue about.  An unscrupulous person would have taken advantage of the situation!

6) The Salesperson Litmus Test!  Finally, if you have conducted your sales activity efficiently, your customer will be quite happy to purchase things from you in the future!  That is the litmus test!  This points to a successful relationship as well.  Merchandise does not produce a good sales experience.  People do!  You can have attractive looking products, however, you can not build a sustainable business if your sales approach is lacking.  Your customers a more likely to remember your helpful nature as opposed to the product that they purchased!

You Are Most Probably Already A Good Salesperson But Maybe You Just Haven’t Given It Much Thought!  Enhance Those Qualities By Adopting The 7 Figure Thinking Mindset Featured In The Free 13 Part Program Below:


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Having A Strong Team Is Key To Your Network Marketing Success!

Strong TeamIf You Are To Be Successful At Direct Selling You Need To Develop A Strong Team And Be A Part Of One!

So Your Objective Should Be To Channel Your Individual Strengths Such That Your Group Is Seen And Functions As A Strong Team!

Deploy The Following Ten Considerations And Do Just That!  Develop A Strong Team!

1) Demonstrate Sound Commitment.   The most significant characteristic of a strong team is commitment.  This means that you put the team, along with helping your individual members, first!  This quality is key and will propel each team member to reach their potential and ultimate goals.  When your team and your individual members win, you win!  Plus the element of success is far more prominent at this level than at the individual.  So commit to being committed!

2) Show Your Appreciation Often!  This is another one of those intangible ingredients that will point your team in the direction of MLM success!  Showing your team members that you appreciate their efforts in conjunction with yours goes a long way.  This sustains motivation and will keep the group momentum intact.  Positive attention always reinforces individuals to continually seek positive results.   Outcomes that contribute to the overall success of the team will strengthen it and propel it to higher success!

3) Spend Time Quality Together!  Teams that experience success enjoy spending time together.  Granted that the underlying objective of each member is to experience financial success.  However. as we have all heard, money is not every thing in life.   So ensure that you encourage occasional leisure activities that have nothing to do with the business.  I’m sure that you have you heard the words “work hard” and “play hard” in the same sentence.  Encourage both these features from your team members!

4) Communicate With Your Members!  Effective communication promotes understanding.  Therefore you should encourage regular exchange with your members.   This means that you should be prepared to allocate time to this aspect.  Having a handle on what people are feeling and knowledge of their opinions keeps you abreast of your team’s potential momentum.  Situations evolve and people do change like the ocean tide day to day.  Communication will keep the team from disintegrating!

5) Introduce The Spiritual Component.  Now you may be religious or you may not be, but let me first point out that spirituality is different from religion!  So don’t get caught worrying about people’s religions either based on what I ‘m suggesting!  I will just say that I believe that the spiritual aspect is crucial.  There is nothing wrong with saying a prayer and asking for guidance.  In fact, this intangible component can help strengthen what it means to be part of a successful team.  Don’t rule out bonding in this manner!

6) Promote Laughter In Your Exchanges!   Whenever you are having a social get together or a one on one discussion with a a team member, inject humor.  Now this may be difficult because some people are inherently miserable.  If that is the case you probably don’t want people like that on your team in any case.  Life will always produce moments that are tense and difficult.  Having the ability to navigate these moments deploying a sense of humor is actually very clever and strategic!  Develop this quality!

7) Ensure That Responsibility Is Shared!  Quite often there are a number of aspects that need to be monitored in a team scenario!  Members have to be prepared to share various roles and responsibilities that contribute to the overall success of the group.  That mean’s that you, and other members of your organization, need to be flexible.  Individuals in successful teams do what its takes and put aside selfish needs.  They work for the group!  As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work!”

8) Highlight The Team’s Common Interests!  Now your team may not start out this way, but developing and establishing common interests is important.  The higher the commonality factor, the more cohesive the team becomes.   Common interests contribute to bonding which is another essential ingredient for group success.  Pinpointing comparable interests and establishing mutually beneficial objectives is a must.  It energizes your group and enhances the collective output.

9)  Happily Provide Others With Service!  Don’t always feel that you have to receive something in exchange for having given something of value.   How many times have we seen an act of kindness actually produce unexpected results that made everybody feel good.  The homeless gentleman who was recently featured on the news comes to mind.  He opted to return an expensive engagement ring instead of pawning it!  That act generated a magnitude of monetary rewards far exceeding the value of the ring!

10) Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help!  Even a successful team is not always free of problems.  In fact, part of their success revolves around identifying and admitting to problems quickly!  In any life situation, problems that are swept under the table and not addressed lead to bigger issues!  Don’t permit this to occur within your team.  If outside help is needed to solve the problem, then secure it!  Ultimately, your team members will admire your ability to be transparent about any concerns and trust your management.

A Strong Team Produces Strong Results So Work On The Above Strengthening Exercises!  Ultimately Develop A Seven Figure Thinking Mindset.  Review The Free 13 Part Program Below:


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Are You Ready To Adopt Personal Selling As A Way To Make Real Money?

Personal SellingPersonal Selling Is Another Way Of Saying Direct Selling Or Relationship Marketing!

Many People Mistakenly Regard Personal Selling As A Form Of Pyramid Selling.  As Long As There Is A Genuine Product Or Service, It Simply Is A Business Model!

Essentially, You Will Here Me Say This Many Times!  Personal Selling Is The Most Economical Way To Achieve Financial Independence!   Consider Some Statistics Highlighted In The Seven Points Below:

1) It Has Impacted Millions Of People Positively!  Believe it or not, personal selling is a major economic contributor to the worldwide economy.  It is very diverse and there are numerous companies that deploy this business model.  It is now estimated that over ninety million individuals are involved in network or multilevel marketing.  Many are successful!

2) It Represents A Major Economic Force!  The sale of products and services using the personal selling method contributes over $150 billion to the global economy annually.  Roughly 20% or $30 billion of that figure is generated by the US alone.  That represents over 15 million Americans who use direct selling as a means to sustain themselves and achieve their financial goals.

3) The Business Model Has A Long History!  Many individuals have achieved significant  success using the personal selling approach.  This business model has been around for over 150 years.  It has proven to be a solid way to do business and it has spawned many businesses which are run with the up-most integrity.  Amway represents an example.

4) Beware Of The Wolf That Poses As A Sheep!  As in any scenario there can be negative components.  In the personal selling arena, numerous pyramid schemes have emerged masquerading as direct selling organizations.  The key difference between the two is the lack of a genuine product or service.  Pyramid schemes primarily focus on recruitment.  Today, they are deemed illegal!

5) This Industry Is Overseen By The DSA!  The prestiges Direct Selling Association monitors this industry.  In order to be a sanctioned member, a given MLM organization must abide by the DSA’s Code of Ethics.  At the ground level, the self-regulatory initiatives of the direct sellers themselves, guarantee transparency.  This in turn promotes consumer protection at its highest level.

6) Known Billionares Have Invested Heavily!  This industry continues to expand and provide robust returns on investment.  One can find strong examples in both the private and public sectors.  Well known Investors such as Donald Trump and Warren Buffett have invested heavily in direct selling organizations.  They have a strong belief in the business model!

7) So Do You Continue To Hang Onto Your Job?  The question is, do you wish to take advantage of this industry?  Are you a wolf or a sheep?  Do you need to be led or are you a leader?  Enter this arena if you desire financial success.  However, assess what you need to be successful first, then develop your business correctly using the principles highlighted next:

Enter The Personal Selling Arena The Right Way!  Develop A Mindset That Embraces 7 Figure Thinking!   Review The Free 13 Part Program Highlighted Below First:


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What Do You Consider Is The Ideal Path To Follow In Order To Achieve Financial Success?

Ideal PathNetwork Marketing Or Direct Selling Is The Ideal Path If You Wish To Achieve Financial Independence.

The Question You Have To Ask Yourself Is Do You Have What It Takes To Start Out On This Ideal Path, Because Most People Who Join A Network Marketing Platform, Fail!

Taking The Ideal Path Means Knowing How To Approach Direct Selling. You Need To Develop A “7 Figure Thinking” Mindset In Order To Be Successful! Consider The Following:

Establish The Best Method.  Let’s first agree that network marketing is the ideal path to take if you desire financial freedom. However, as in the case of any successful outcome, you must put in the work!  Yes, it does require time and effort.  Plus, statistically it takes two to five years to build one’s business to a point where sustained residual income is established.

Do You Have The Resolve?  The question is, “Do you have the resolve to do the necessary things to create this ideal scenario?”  What I’m getting it is that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to creating a successful network marketing business.  Where a lot of us fall down is through a lack of consistency.  This quality must be present!

You Must Follow A System.  In addition we don’t follow the recommended systems.  All network marketing platforms have a systematic way of being developed.  The approach must be simple and duplicatable if one is to become successful.  In fact, what this means is that you can be successful at a number of platforms.  But you must follow the system!

You Fail Not The Product!  Therefore, the product or service is not the reason for failure. More likely, you are!  So what I propose to you is that we all need an education before we start. It should be focused on how to develop our businesses.  I certainly, have a platform that I use and would highly recommend.  However, we have to eliminate the failure potential first!

Derive The Knowledge First!  So before you consider joining any network marketing platform, I highly encourage that you get the appropriate knowledge and develop the correct mindset first!  If you are to be successful at network marketing, you must be a part of a dynamic team.  The key dynamic of that team is their knowledge and their “taking action” approach!

Strive Towards Perfection.  Certainly not all team members will perform.  Imperfection is ingrained in human nature.  Therefore the team won’t be perfectly dynamic and that is to be expected!  But the individuals that contribute to its success, represent the people who strive towards perfection!  This quality will ensure sustained growth!

Add The Proper Ingredients!  The closer you get to the perfection, the higher your level of success!  Once again I’ll stress that you need the ideal path to achieve this.  That road-map begins with being informed.  You certainly will need other intangible qualities like self discipline.  Essentially, just like baking a tasty cake, you need the proper ingredients!

Adopt These Principals First!  Now if you have read this far, the final point that I will make revolves around developing a 7 Figure Thinking mindset!  You ultimately need to understand this concept if you are to be successful at network marketing!  You can carefully go through these steps by reviewing the Free 13 Part Program highlighted below.  This is your ideal path!

The Ideal Path To Financial Independence Is Direct Selling!  Adopt The Principles Behind  A 7 Figure Thinking Mindset By Reviewing the Free 13 Part Program Just Below:


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Do You Need A Novel Approach To Your Strategic Fundraising? Consider The Points In This Post!

Strategic FundraisingMost Strategic Fundraising Activities Engage In Traditional Methods In Order To Achieve Their Monetary Goals!

And If You Were To Categorize The Nature Of Those Strategic Fundraising Methods They Would Most Likely Be Described As One Off.

This Article Is Directed At Those Who Are Engaged In Strategic Fundraising But Like To Do Things Outside Of The Box!

1) Use The Direct Selling Model!  To get right to the point I am proposing that strategic fundraising actually could be far more cohesive and successful, if it was approached from a network marketing point of view.  Now if a company like Amway immediately comes to mind and you are recoiling in horror, bear with me.  My thoughts on this are even more specific.  In fact, I’d be the last person on earth to recommend Amway to a fundraising organization as a means to raise money.  Now this is not to suggest that this company is awful or has inferior products either.  The frame work that I’m thinking of does not work with this company.  It would be like mixing oil with water!

2) Deploy This Specific Platform!  Specifically, my strategic fundraising idea revolves around one network marketing company only!  That company is called Talk Fusion.  My idea has to do with what the organization offers by way of products and services.  This organization provides one with a complete suite of video based communication tools.  They happen to cater to a mega trend in the online marketplace.  That trend is the growth of video content as a communication and marketing method.  I propose that fundraising organizations use this platform to promote their traditional methods of raising monies.  Plus, derive revenue from the platform at the same time, given that it is distributed through network marketing.

3) Sharing Can Be Powerful!  Why not incorporate the direct selling model and Talk Fusion specifically into your fundraising efforts.  In fact, I propose that various charities or fundraising groups collectively join this particular network as a team!  On a philosophical note, it highlights the principle of, “united we stand and divided we fall”!  Given the economic climate today, this should be a rallying call.  Talk Fusion would enhance the individuality of any one group and collectively add to all of the organizations bottom lines.  It may mean breaking away from traditional thinking.  After all we are conditioned to think that we are the kings of our own mountains!  We are not use to sharing and probably think that this will dilute our objectives.  Read more:

4) A Solid Marketing Reason!  Here is a marketing parameter to consider.  Suppose that you owned gas station that was located at the corner of an intersection.  Do your instincts suggest that you make more money if you remain there alone or if three other gas stations open in the other three adjacent corners?  If you say to yourself that you would make more money because of the other gas stations you would be correct.  Never mind the reason, the point is that principal works the same way in the scenario I propose.  Another benefit is that your target audience can use these products as well.  In all, adopting Talk Fusion along with a clever marketing plan becomes a win-win situation!

Boost Your Strategic Fundraising Objectives Using This Platform!  Enter Your Contact Details Above Right!

If You Don’t Have The Required Work Ethic, You Cannot Be Successful In Anything!

Work EthicHave You Assessed Your Work Ethic Lately?

Having A Strong Work Ethic Is Another Key Requirement If You Desire Network Marketing Success!

In Fact, You Need A Solid Work Ethic For Any Form Of Success! Consider Five Intangible Qualities That Contribute To This Aspect.

1) Your Work Ethic Must Include Integrity

Integrity extends to all facets of what you do in life whether it is work related or not.  If you are a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic you will always be regarded as dependable and trustworthy.  In the business world, your team members will respect your frank feedback.  Your customers will  have confidence in the guidance that you provide with respect to the products or services that you offer.  Individuals will indirectly depend on your ethical standards and regard you as a trusted authority.

2) Your Work Ethic Demonstrates Responsibility

If you have a solid work ethic then you are keenly aware of accountability.  Having this awareness impacts how you function in terms of getting through the work load that is in front of you.  Your business associates and customers will see this quality.  It becomes readily apparent in your overall work performance.  If you are a person that demonstrates a sense of personal responsibility, you simply are an individual who shows up on time and always puts in your best efforts.

3) Your Work Ethic Puts Focus On Good Quality

You cannot do the bare minimum in terms of completing a given task and simply expect to produce quality work.  If you are a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic, you care about standards, not just outcomes.  You always put in more effort and do your utmost best to produce results that impress.  Merely churning out what is required is not how you get things done!  If you are a person who conducts yourself in this manner, you are committed to quality.

4) Your Work Ethic Highlights Self Discipline

You are no doubt aware that your daily tasks all require a degree of self discipline.  That is required if you are to complete them.  In other words, you must foster a level of commitment if you are to be successful.  If you are an individual who exercises discipline and commitment, you always remain focused on your goals.  You are a person who is always determined to complete your assignments.   You are the type of person who demonstrates a higher level of dedication to get the job done.

5) Your Work Ethic Embraces The Idea Of Teamwork

Finally, having this quality will promote and foster good teamwork.  Establishing this element in any business setting guarantees success.  Therefore, constructive teamwork is certainly important in the network marketing or the direct selling industry.  On that note, and to tie in all the points made in this post, if you are interested in establishing financial independence utilizing the home business model, the principals of 7 Figure Thinking are a must review! 

Develop A Solid Work Ethic And Adopt A 7 Figure Thinking Mindset By Deploying The Principles Featured In The Free 13 Part ProgramBelow!  Merely Click One Of The Highlighted Links Or The Banner:


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Opportunity Knocks Silently And Not Often. How Prepared Are You When It Shows Up?

Opportunity KnocksWhenever Opportunity Knocks How Would You Characterize Your Reaction?

Would You Say That You Are Always Prepared?  In Other Words, When Opportunity Knocks How Quickly Do You React As Far As Making An Initial Assessment?

Or Are You Slow To Respond  When Opportunity Knocks?  Do Your Habits Cause You To Miss Out?

I was contemplating the content of an online video that I had viewed the other day. It had to do with the nature of opportunities. What rang so true was the fact that opportunity knocks ever so silently! They appear for only a moment or two right in front of us. If we are oblivious and fail to be vigilant, we fail to take action. Ultimately we miss out!  Imagine the flight pattern of a butterfly. It is dramatically unpredictable and haphazard.

It will randomly stop and take up residence for only a moment. Then it arbitrarily takes off within a couple of seconds! It is virtually impossible to anticipate where it will stop next and for how long. What is known with absolute certainly is that it will occur over and over. Opportunities are much like the flight patterns of the butterfly. Their movements are quiet and in the event that we are not paying attention, we will simply miss out on them.

Will The Following Scenario Identify You Whenever Opportunity Knocks?

I was perusing the statistics pertaining to a few video emails that I had sent to various individuals. The content highlighted a link to the direct selling opportunity that I occasionally share with people. I was making an assessment of the number of individuals that had been placed in a category labeled “Not Looked”. Essentially these were individuals who I had previously spoken with about the platform. In other words, they were aware that this information was being sent but none of them even bothered to look at the email!

What a waste of my time I thought! However, it was an eye-opener as far as human nature is concerned in terms of one’s reaction to an opportunity! People always show a high degree of enthusiasm in person, but as soon as that moment passes the enthusiasm wanes. In my estimation this characteristic is a dangerous habit in the context of opportunities. In this case it doesn’t matter whether people decide to join the platform or not. The important component here is being in the habit of following through and making an assessment!

You Have Read This Far, Know That An Opportunity Knocks Right Now!

The above characterization probably describes all of us to some degree so we must constantly monitor our own habits! If you have read this post to this point and you happen to be looking for an opportunity that can enhance your financial status, there is something at the end of this article that you should consider first! To reiterate, I don’t mind what your end decision is. What is more important to me at this stage is whether you are person who follows through. If you have this characteristic you will be a strong team member!

Success takes on more powerful dimensions when the ingredients are correct! I no longer blindly invite people to look at any opportunity. Making an assessment of one’s character is the first thing I like to do. Now you may ask how is that accomplished given that we I haven’t even met! Your initial actions are the litmus test for this! If you are looking for a network marketing opportunity, I invite you to do something that I did at one point! Assess your mindset first! In other words analyse what it takes to be successful? Consider the following and decide accordingly:

When Opportunity Knocks Always Follow Through With An Assessment! On That Note, I Invite You To Review A Free 13 Part Program That Simply Will Assist You With Developing A 7 Figure Thinking Mindset!


7 Figure Thinking

Learn How To Establish A Home Business Income Correctly!

Home Business IncomeAre You Presently Fed Up With The Nine To Five Syndrome? Then Why Not Establish A Home Business Income!

Many People Are Doing This Quite Successfully! So Why Not You?  Creating A Significant Home Business Income Is Very Achievable If You Have A Plan!

Start Creating Your Home Business Income Today With The Correct Approach Based On Some Interesting Concepts That You Can Access From This Post!

Being able to work from your home provides you with an exciting new way to create financial freedom. In today’s modern society, combined with the current economic climate, establishing a home business income is almost essential. In terms of creating residual income, it really is the most effective method to consider. The online world has indirectly encouraged many people to embrace the direct selling business model. Today there are many MLMs to choose from.

However, it does not matter what network marketing platform you end up choosing. There is an important first step that you must consider! Mind you, that does not mean that your eventual choice is unimportant! There are some criteria that you should take into account when selecting a company but that is for another discussion. The key factor that you should assess prior to selecting any company is YOU!

Establish Your Home Business Income With The Correct Mindset If You Wish To Achieve Financial Success!

This aspect may surprise you but it is crucial! What are your desires and how do you go about accomplishing your goals at present? How focused are you when it comes to “consistency”? Are you a driven person or are you someone that is only comfortable when you are being told what to do? What is your mindset? Qualities that promote financial success are intangible but they can be planted and nurtured. This is a must if you are to accomplish anything in life! 

On that note, just because a lot of people live mediocre financial existences, you do not have to end up on this road to nowhere! So why not make this assessment of yourself as set out at the end of this post? For one, it is FREE which means that you can accomplish this task before you spend a dime on any direct selling platform! In other words, you can “learn how to drive before you purchase the car!”  Isn’t that a logical way to proceed? 

The Ingredients Below Are Key No Matter What MLM Entity You Attempt To Derive Your Home Business Income From!

Now if this article has peaked your interest, as opposed to scaring you away, by all means continue reading. What you are about to uncover is the ground floor knowledge that is required on how to build your business with the correct mindset! Note that a large percentage of people who join direct selling companies, fail! These individuals who succumb to failure, simply don’t develop this correct mindset! It is the chief reason!

So before you choose a business opportunity, I encourage you to listen to the Free 13 Part Program that you see highlighted below. The program outlines the concepts of 7 Figure Thinking. The content is very motivational and is presented by a gentleman who has earned over seven figures in network marketing. Follow in the steps of someone who is already successful. After going through the program, you can address your home business platform selection!

Adopt The 7 Figure Thinking Measures That Are Highlighted In The Free 13 Part Program Below And Position Yourself To Earn Significant Home Business Income!

7 Figure Thinking